Giving Ministry

We are committed to providing the opportunity for each qualified girl and boy to be taught and trained with biblical truth.  In faith, we step forward, to expand our earlier ministry of supporting our missionaries, and add to our ministry a special focus on facilitating the organizational structure to establish camps (previously known as Scholarship Camp).

In the summer of 2015 there potentially will again be three (3) PSSM camps, each capable of providing the opportunity to minister up to as many as 300 boys and girls (6th grade through High School age).

How can you be a part of the ministry?

1.  Pray for:

  • Your area missionaries who are advising us at PSSM as we venture into this area of Gods work.
  • The children wishing to attend camp, for support, and spiritual growth in Christ.
  • The possibility of sharing your life as a counselor.

2.  Providing support to:

  • Your missionaries,
  • Toward a campership (scholarship) for a boy or girl.  Providing support through PSSM helps the local church meet the Spiritual, emotional, social and physical needs of girls and boys.

3.  Providing support directly to PSSM for the deposits necessary for reserving each camp facility, upfront costs for the development of class materials, awards, shirts, and the basic insurance.

Share the vision to reach the youth of Washington State, Alaska, Oregon and Idaho for our Lord Jesus Christ.  Collectively, with God’s direction and blessings, much can be accomplished for Him.

All members of the PSSM are volunteers.  All funds go directly into the ministry.